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Crown Electronics CO ; LTD (CROWN) was founded in 2005. And the design team is well-known in the world and is also the aerospace research and development staff from the Taiwan National NCKU Aeronautics and Astronautics Institute. It is derived from U.S. NASA. Aviation and Space experience and technology, coupled with its more than 40 years of aerodynamic design in aviation and space territories, We are a listed company in the .The Company boasts a professional R&D team, innovative patent technology, nationally-accredited laboratory, complete heat dissipation and mechanical simulation software, fast mold and layout center. We leverage these strengths to collaborate with our clients to optimize the best solution. 

Crown has also established an feedback system to market changes in real time and make swift adjustment in the design and development of products, manufacturing and production, procurement and delivery, and management of suppliers, in turn guarantee that the delivery is always on time, of the best quality, and the correct amount. 

Our main production bases are all in China, which are located in Dongguan and Soujho and Europe. The Company has also established other branch institutions and warehouses for logistics, providing in-time technical support and after-sales service. 

(Company Introduction)
公司名稱 台灣慣展電子有限公司
(Company Name) Crown Electronics CO ; LTD
創立 (Begining) 2005.11.11
員工人數 120名
公司地址 242 新北市新莊區新北大道三段5號2樓之7
(Company Address) 24250 2F-7 ,No.5, Sec. 3,  New North Rd. Sinjhuang Dist., New Taipei City Taiwan
連絡方式 電話 (TEL) : +886-2-55933936
(Comunication) 傳真 (FAX): +886-2-85228152
工廠地址 中國廣東省東莞市石排鎮水貝工業區
(Factory address) Shipai Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong 
  Province, China
公司網址 (Web site) www.crownelectronics.com.tw


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24250 ; 2F, No.7, Sec. 3, New North Rd. Sinjhuang Dist., New Taipei City 24250 Taiwan